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Tapered Up Sides / Deep Well Center Button (4157) Astrowood

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Vendor U.S.A. Buttons

Made in the USA

This large, 1-1/8" button has tapered up sides and a deep flat center. 2 holes.

Material: USA sustainable hardwood

Construction: Laminated wood made from dyed veneers of birch (harvested in Vermont). Sixteen layers pressed under 1500 lbs. of pressure per square inch into ¼” thick sheets measuring 51” x 18”. The styles turned from circular “cookie “blanks created from these sheets can be fashioned into large buttons, shirt buttons (very small), fashion buttons or knitting buttons.

Origin: Wood is grown and harvested in USA. For every two trees harvested, three trees are planted. Buttons are made in New York by U.S. Veteran-owned and operated business.

Care: Can be Washed and Dry Cleaned