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The Texan

$ 0.75

Vendor U.S.A. Buttons

Made in the USA

The Texan button has a flat browned rim and 2 holes. The color is natural and the finish is low sheen. 

Material: Sustainable USA Hardwood

Construction: Maybe it's the sharp contrast between the lightness of the "white" Birch wood contrasting with the black scorch of the burning - for whatever reason it is our most popular color.

The clever little vibratory machine "marches" the buttons face up along a chute to a rotating bed that passes them under a shielded flame. The shield sculpts the flame to a narrow line and that's what you mostly see on the burntwood buttons. A line of blackened  wood down the center. We can vary the thickness of the line or as some garment designers prefer, burn the entire face of the button. After this process the polish shine is restored in the finishing operation.

Dyes, Stains and Finishes:  Child safe and nontoxic, using stains, thinners and lacquers made under strict CPSC regulations. The Consumer Product Safety Commission demands safe levels of lead, nickel and phthalate. 

Origin: Wood is grown and harvested in USA. For every two trees harvested, three trees are planted. Buttons are made in New York by U.S. Veteran-owned and operated business.