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Organic Cotton Veggie Dyed Thread - Deep Indigo

$ 18.67

Vendor Scanfil

This unique thread is our TEX 40 natural thread that has been dyed with natural vegetable dyes by master dyer Kat Quigley.  

Tex 40 is a multi-purpose thread that is strong and smooth. Sturdier than our other multi-purpose threads we recommend Tex 40 for sportswear, home decor, dolls and other products that will take some wear and tear. It can also be used for embroidery.  If a coating is required for hand sewing, use beeswax.  


        • 100% Organic Cotton
        • GOTS certified
        • Veggie dyed
        • Multi-purpose
        • Tex 40
        • Sold by 200m spool
        • Made in India, Dyed in the USA
        • 3 ply

      Thread Color Ingredients:

      Madder Red:  Madder Root

      Soft Red:  Madder Root + Walnut

      Dusty Rose:  Avocado Seeds

      Dark Violet:  Madder Root + Oak Galls + Iron

      Lavender:  Madder Root + Oak Galls + Iron

      Weld Yellow:  Weld

      Soft Green:  Weld + Indigo

      Teal:  Weld + Indigo

      Indigo:  Indigo

      Deep Indigo:  Indigo

      Golden Walnut:  Walnut Hulls + Oak Galls + Chestnut

      Grey Oak:  Oak + Myrobalan + Logwood + Iron

      Near Black:  Oak + Myrobalan + Logwood + Iron

      True Black:  Oak + Myrobalan + Logwood + Iron

      *Organic cotton is not affected by needle heat, pressing or steaming, the thread strength increases when it is wet.

      The spools themselves are made from 100% recycled paperboard which are compostable and recyclable.