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Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric Cuts

Is it possible to order in continuous full yardage or half yard increments?
You bet! We will cut your order in continuous increments until the full length of your order is fulfilled. For example if you order 5 half yards, you will receive 2-1/2 yards of fabric in a single piece. In fact, no matter how you choose to order, we'll cut one continuous piece of each print or solid. So if you order 2 yards of Fabric A and then 1/2 yard of Fabric A you will receive 2-1/2 yards of Fabric A in one piece.


What is a 'Fat Quarter'?
A 'Fat Quarter' cut of fabric is typically 18" x 22". We get 'fat' quarter yards of fabric by first cutting a half yard from the roll or bolt (18" x 44"). Then we cut that piece in half parallel to the short side. This yields the same amount of fabric as a traditional quarter-yard (9" x 44") in a more useful format.
When ordering fat quarter cuts, you will receive individual 18" x 22" cuts of fabric - in many cases they have already been cut prior to your order.


Sample Swatches
Because the vast majority of the fabric we carry is limited production, swatches are not provided. If swatches are available, they will be listed in the quantity option dropdown from the product page.



Some of your fabrics are listed as Prepared for Dye (PFD). What does this mean?
Prepared for Dye, or PFD, generally means the fabric does not have permanent press, optical brighteners (so it's off-white in color), or other resin finishes that interfere with dyeing. In some cases, the fabric is also mercerized so it takes the dye well and is ready to be used without any preparation or 'scouring.' Although Prepared for Dye fabrics are ready for your creative dye and color combinations, dyeing is not required. PFD fabrics can be used undyed.


WOF? Width of Fabric. Fabric is produced on rolls of a certain width. The fabric we sell is commonly around 42" - 44" in width. When you order fabric from us we cut it from the roll or bolt to the desired length. So, if you order 1 yard of 42" width fabric you will receive 36" (1 yard length) x 42" width. 

Wholesale Sales

HoneyBeGood is a boutique fabric store and does not accommodate wholesale accounts. However, if there is a particular fabric (or fabrics) you are interested in, we may be able to assist you with a discount. Please contact us with the details of your specific interest

Custom Printed Designs

Do you accept customer designs for printing on your fabrics?
We do not offer printing services. Please try


What are the dyes used in your fabric? Are they non-toxic?
All of the dyes used in our fabrics have low-environmental impact. Most of our fabrics also contain non-toxic dyes and finishers. Look for the GOTS certification in the description to be sure the fabric you're getting is low-impact AND non-toxic.
Are your fabrics safe for use with food?
GOTS-certified fabrics are considered food safe because non-toxic dyes are used on the fabrics. We always recommend washing your fabric before use.