Dedicated to promoting organic and sustainable fabric for the quilting and sewing arts


Born from a passion for healthier fabric.

We have a deep love of fabric.
It clothes us, soothes us, brings warmth and happiness to so many aspects of our lives. It’s so important to the way we live and to the worldwide economy, we feel the land and the people that produce it deserve our respect and support. 

That’s why we are dedicated to promoting and supplying only sustainably- and fairly-produced fabric and supplies for quilting and sewing.

When purchasing our goods you’ll find the cost difference compared to mass-produced textiles is nominal, but the impact your purchase has on the environment, the farmers, and your own health is substantial.

 HoneyBeGood is a small shop with big dreams and a lot of heart! Our family-owned and operated business is invested in sustainable and happy living in the 21st century.

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