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Tangerine Twist

We've collaborated with local artist/quilter, Candace Hassen, on this scrappy quilt kit. The design is funky (which is why we chose it!), the colors are alternately bright and monotone, and the size just perfect for cuddling.


Ready to Roll! Quilt Kit now available.

Meet Candace Hassen

Hi. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Art. I got my start in textiles as a weaver; but was bitten by the quilting bug when the Olympics came to Atlanta and Georgia quilters gave almost 400 quilts to the participating countries. Now that I have been a quilter for 15 years, I am starting to see how my weaving background is influencing my quilt designs. Both rely on color interplay, and repeated geometric patterns. I enjoy working with both traditional and contemporary designs and fabrics. A few of my quits have been published in McCalls Quilting Magazine. I love to share my quilting designs by producing patterns from them, teaching, doing guild programs, and making custom quilts. 

April 18, 2013 by Karen Daniel
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