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New life for old lamps

This picture probably looks familiar to anyone who owns a paper-shade lamp. No matter how resilient the paper, it will eventually tear.

I've had these lamps from Ikea for quite some time. When the paper gave way I threw everything into the closet with the promise that I would do something with them. The days are getting shorter and the need for more ambient light in the shop drove me into the depths of the closet to retrieve these poor souls.

If you have similar style lamps that need a new do, here's how you can go about it - 

Remove the paper from each of the top and bottom rings and flattened it out in order to get a measurement for the fabric.

Next, stitch the sides together (rights sides together) with 1/2" seam allowance, and press the seam to one side. Depending on your fabric you may wish to sew a zigzag along the seam to help prevent fraying.

The idea is to end up with a cylinder of fabric that will provide a nice snug fit over the metal ring. Snug enough that it will hold on with out slipping off, but not so tight that the fabric will be stretched or distorted in order to get it to wrap. 

Choose a spot along the ring to begin gluing. Apply a thin strip of glue to the ring and then wrap the fabric down, smoothing out any wrinkles along the way. Keep a moist paper towel nearby to wipe any stray glue and to keep your fingers clean. This can be a messy process.

Any fabric glue will do for the job. I used Dritz No-Sew Glue.

When finished with the top ring, let it set for 30 minutes (or according to manufacturer's directions) and then turn everything over and begin on the bottom ring in the same manner.

Let the glue set for another 30 minutes then the shade is ready to hang:

What's the groovy fabric, you ask? Harmony Art's Thirty Nine!

Ta Da!


September 09, 2014 by Karen Daniel


Dena Dale Crain

Dena Dale Crain said:

Great tutorial! Just what I need to inspire me to tackle a damaged shade in my sitting room!! Thanks!

Karen Daniel

Karen Daniel said:

Glad to hear Dena :-) And that’s quite a compliment coming from you!

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