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Common Quilt and Batting Sizes

The chart below shows standard mattress, bedding and quilt sizes for the US. The measurements are approximate and can be adjusted to fit the individual needs and desires of the quilter.

We've also listed pre-cut, packaged quilt batting sizes. After determining the quilt size you will need for your bed, add about 6" to each the width and length measurements to find the minimum batting size you'll need.

Quilts that will be long arm quilted may need additional batting. Check with your long arm quilter.

Measurements are approximate and given for standard US Mattresses
Measured in Inches (Width x Length)


Mattress Type Mattress Dimensions Approx. Quilt Size Pre-packaged batting size
Crib 28" x 52" 39" x 54"
45" x 60"
Twin/Single 39" x 75"
65" x 88"
72" x 90"
Twin/Single XL
39" x 80"
65" x 93"
Double/Full 54" x 75"
80" x 88"
81" x 96"
Queen 60" x 80"
86" x 93"
90" x 108"
76 - 78" x 80"
104" x 93"
120" x 120"
California King
72" x 84"
100" x 97" 120" x 120"

May 01, 2012 by Karen Daniel
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Holly Hoffman

Holly Hoffman said:

WOW! Thank you for the chart for bed size, quilt size and batting sizes all in one chart. Very helpful!


Sheree said:

Why do we need to add about 6" of batting to each the width and length measurements?

How do we hem it with that much extra?

Karen Daniel

Karen Daniel said:

Great Question Sheree! The reason for the extra batting around the edges is for the long arm quilter. As the pieces are quilted together the batting and backing may get pulled in slightly so you want to make sure there is enough leeway. Once the quilting is finished, trim the extra batting and backing fabric so it’s even with the top and then add the binding around the edges.


Anita said:

Sheree, My LAQ only asks for about 3-4 inches all around of both batting and backing. It is to ensure the backing and batting covers the top. Sometimes fabrics shift just a bit and if you didn’t have the extra you would be in trouble.

As for the binding – when you get it back from your LAQ you trim the batting and backing even with the top and then bind. The extra is NOT left on. Your extra backing can be put in the scrap bin and the batting can be used for smaller projects and can also be put together to make larger pieces. I use a bonding tape made just for putting batting together.


Deborah said:

Should the batting be same size as backing 4”extra on all 4 sizes) or same size as quilt top? This is first one I’ve made on my own and 35 years since my lesson with sweet Elder from our church.

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