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100% Wool Batting

$ 81.07

Vendor Hobbs

100% Wool Battingl - Use for stuffing pillows, upholstery, soft toys, comforters, quilts, and more! U.S. Shipping only. Does not ship internationally.

  • Content: 100% Wool

Please note: Although not organic, Wool Fiberfill has many of the same attributes, including a high standard of cleanliness, loft and resiliency. No chemicals, pesticides or herbicides have been used in the growing and processing of this wool.

Fiberfill stuffing is sold by the pound. 

Care Instructions:

The wool batting makes a lovely stuffing for pillows and toys, and is a wonderful fiber for comforters and quilts, but we don't recommend machine washing it because, as a purely organic material, it does clump and/or felt up a bit. We recommend the use of a duvet cover with comforters, and quilts and stuffed animals can be spot cleaned.  Can also be freshened by hanging or laying in the sun.